Blue Door Pediatric Therapy, P.C.

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Blue Door On the Grow

Mondays at 10:30, July 10- July 29

For: Ages 2-5

Class cost: $120

June 10: Our Rainbow World

Who doesn't love a rainbow? This class is designed to provide parents with information to help teach their children about the important skill of "classification" by focusing on the most common differentiating feature—color!

June 17: Under the Sea

Join us for this underwater themed class to learn about the important skill of self-control. This class is designed to provide parents with information to help teach their children self-control through fun songs, games and activities. 

June 24: My Outside Adventure

This class is designed to teach parents how to foster independence and pride of accomplishment through playtime activities with their children. The songs and activities learned during this class are  designed to encourage both independence and exploration as children learn about the world around them.

July 1: Move and Groove

Children learn through being actively engaged in an activity. What better way to engage them than through music? This class will help parents and children make the most of this fun stage of development by encouraging exploratory movement through fun games and songs. Parents will also learn how to use music to set a mood and discover how music promotes language, cognitive, social and physical development.

July 8: 3 2 1, Count on Fun

Preschool readiness includes understanding of counting and numbers. Children and parents will enjoy a class filled with games, stories, dancing, and activities based around the theme of numbers!

July 15: Vroom and Zoom

This class is designed to teach children about cooperation through the theme of transportation. The songs and activities are included to reinforce the skill of working with others.

July 22: ABC Sign with Me

This class is designed to promote skills that are fundamental to learning to read by introducing parents and children to the ASL signs for the letters of the alphabet through fun songs, games, and craft projects. By providing children with a physical way to represent letters, parents will be helping their children remember the letter names, be able to identify the letters visually, and understand the function of letters to represent the separate sounds within words.

July 29: Manners, Mealtime and More

Good manners do more than impress people. They also express gratitude and promote harmonious interactions. Helping children learn these social skills is important because kids who feel grateful and treat others well are more empathic, get along better with peers and adults, and feel more satisfied with life than those who don't. Manners are best taught through example, and mealtime provides many opportunities. Because manners are abstract ideas, including simple signs can make the concepts more concrete for young children. That's the purpose of this class. Additionally, increasing a child's mealtime vocabulary reduces frustration by enabling the child to be more precise in expressing likes and dislikes—resulting in more harmonious mealtimes!