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Blue Skies

Parent Testimonials

-Holly, Mother

-Emily, Mother

Melissa is amazing! My 5 year old son, with Down syndrome, has been seeing Melissa for a year now and she has been instrumental in his language development. He has made significant and noticeable improvements. He is able to carry on a conversation with family and friends and that is invaluable! Melissa does not only work on articulation and vocabulary building. My son has learned prepositions, turn taking, and how to follow multi-step directions. I have referred several other parents to Blue Door Pediatric Therapy and will continue to do so! Melissa is upbeat, happy, and full of energy. She has the ability to make the sessions fun while still setting boundaries and motivating my son to work. We have been doing private speech therapy since my son was 12 months old and Melissa is the best speech pathologist we have ever worked with!

When my son starting seeing Melissa for speech therapy, he was in first grade. He had been evaluated for speech several times and never qualified through the school system. His issues were deemed "developmentally appropriate" despite his shortcomings with certain sounds. He struggled with "R" and "TH" the most. We decided to seek out private speech therapy, and I am so grateful we did. Melissa helped him correct these issues in less time than I anticipated. She made it fun by incorporating games, so my son never argued about going to speech, and even looked forward to it! We would definitely recommend Melissa for speech therapy!

- Leah, Mother
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